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Franchise Common is a private community of franchise owners, creating a community of trust, contribution, and consistent support and engagement.  

We welcome partners that are committed to delivering value to our members, particularly in formats such as virtual workshop, courses, seminars, online events to share market insights and expertise with our members. 
Speaking Opportunities
Franchise Common is always welcoming people with an interest to provide value to the community, talk on certain topics, share insights and expertise, while also building a little extra cred/recognition for yourself and your brand.  :)

If you feel you have some great value to contribute around a certain topic, a panel discussion, a workshop, etc., we'd love to set up a time to learn more.  We're picky with the selection, as the sole purpose of our community is to provide the best experience and value to our members as possible.  These speaking opportunities are non-soliciting engagements.  Though you may have your own personal brand or business relative to the topics we're discussing, we make these discussions around insights and best practices, less about selling your product or yourself.  

That said - we absolutely don't want to discourage anyone from reaching out and learning more on how you can potentially help them, so for every speaking opportunity, we will send recap emails & newsletters with how they can reach out to you, along with any relevant contact info, as well as any on-demand link to the discussion as available. 
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